How to Combine VVDI2 VVDI MB VVDI Key Tool Condor Dolphin in Xhorse App?

Xhorse launched new Xhorse app for VVDI Mini Key Tool ,VVDI Key Tool, Condor Dolphin, VVDI2 and VVDI MB tools.
How to Combine VVDI Mini Key Tool/Condor Dolphin/VVDI Key Tool in Xhorse App?

Login Xhorse APP, connect device by Bluetooth, enter ‘Device & History’ to combine.

How to combine VVDI2 and VVDI MB TOOL in Xhorse App?

Run upgrade kit, device connect to PC by USB cable
Read device, select’Binding’, customer will get QR code automatically,
Login Xhorse APP, enter ‘Account’–‘Combine device’,
Then scan the QR code to combine to account.