Xhorse XT15 Chip Failed to Generate Opel ID40 Transponder?

One of vvdishop customer feedback that he failed to generate Opel id40 transponder with xhorse vvdi key tool max pro and vvdi XT15 7935 chip.

Xhorse Xt15 Chip Opel Id40

XT15 PCF7935 chip can only be used to copy transponder. It cannot be used to generate or convert chip.

VVDI Super chip Xt27a works perfectly. Generate a 7935 then write id40 and select key position.
you can also generate an id33 with key tool etc and then as id40. This also works. Not many realise that you can generate a key position with id40 so sometimes this is why it fails.
to turn a 7935 generated x27a in to a ln id40.