Xhorse XKGHG1EN Garage Remote User Manual

Xhorse garage remote is a special design and easy to use for customers. Support remote cloning, set frequency, delete code and data recovery functions. Also supports remote generation for variety of garage remote brands, frequency edition by vvdi key tool series.

Xhorse Garage Remote 0
Check delete code status:

Xhorse Garage Remote 1

Before the remote cloning function, need to check the garage remote delete code status, make sure remote in deleted code status.

1. Delete code status: The LED will flash once then go out quickly when keep pressing any button of the garage remote.
2. Delete code operation:
Press and hold “Up” and “Down” of the garage remote at the same time, until LED turns on. Keep pressing 2 buttons until the LED light off, then release
the button.

Press and hold “Pause” until LED goes off. then released the button, Delete code successfully.


Remote Cloning

1. Preparation work before remote cloning
1). Confirm the garage temoe has been in deletecd code ststaus.
2). Make sure the garage remote frequency is the same as the original remote, in case the remote cloning failed or even cloning is successful but the working distance too short, working not good occured.

2.Remote cloning operation

Press and hold any one button on Xhorse garage remote, this remote will eneter cloning mode, LED will flash once and then off. Keep pressing the button.
Press and hold the original remote one button (same button as step 1), put the original remote next to Xhorse garage remote. Once the LED turns on means correct button cloning successful.
Follow steps above to remote clone all buttons one by one.

Xhorse Garage Remote 2
Set frequency:

1. Set frequency situation:

There are many different brands of remote in the aftermarket, different manufacturers maybe with different frequency.
If the original remote and xhorse garage remote frequency is different, it may cause remote cloning to fail, or even remote cloning successfully but the working distance too short, working not good.
Xhorse garage remote support set frequency function (20 frequency point) to ensure frequency same as the original remote.


2. Set frequency operation
Enter Set frequency mode
Press and hold the “”Lock” and “Pause” buttons at the same time, remote LED goes on, keep pressing two buttons until the remote LED goes off, then release the buttons.


3. Set frequency
Press the “Up” button, press once, LED flash once, for the different frequencies with different press times, refer to the following frequency reference able.

4. Double check frequency
After set frequency successfully, release all buttons, wait for 5 seconds, remote LED will flash, the flashing times depends on set frequency

5. Exit set frequency mode
After remote LED stop flashing, press the “Lock” and “Pause” buttons immediately, meanwhile the LED goes on, keep pressing 2 buttons until LED goes off.
Then release the button, set frequency operation completed
Which Xhorse key tool to change the frequency?
Xhorse key tool, mini key tool, key tool max, key tool max pro, key tool plus will change frequency at random point.

For example use Key Tool Max to clone 320.5MHZ original remote.

Xhorse Garage Remote 3
Enter key tool max HCS/Fixed Code clone interface and select 320 frequency range

Xhorse Garage Remote 4
Press the button of the original remote according to the device prompts

Xhorse Garage Remote 5
Edit the frequency that is required.

Xhorse Garage Remote 6
Cloning the data (if the original remote and cloning remote function code chasing occurred, it can be solved by programming remote after the rolling code ID generation. )


Frequency reference table

Xhorse Garage Remote 7

Rolling Code ID Generation Function

1.Rolling code ID regeneration situation

If the garage remote appears a code chasing phenomenon with original remote(original remote press button once and it works, the cloning remote need to press twice then it works meanwhile original remote does not work), it can be solved by programming remote after the rolling code ID regeneration.

2.Rolling code ID regeneration operation

1). Enter the rolling code ID regeneration mode:

Press and hold the“ Up” and ” Lock” buttons, the remote LED light on, keep pressing two buttons and LED light off

2). Regeneration of rolling code ID:

Release the two buttons “Up” and “Lock”, then press and hold the”Pause ” button, meanwhile LED light on, Keep pressing the button until remote LED light off, rolling code ID regeneration operation is successful;

Note: The garage remote regenerated by rolling code ID can only be used after programming again. Need to find the learning button on the control box of the garage door, then operate the learning and matching procedures according to the instructions of the control box.


Data recovery function

1. Data recovery situation

When the garage remote is deleted code by mistake operation(garage remote in deleted code status), Data recovery function support recovery the code data from last time.

2.Data recovery operation

Press and hold the two buttons” Down” and Pause” for 3 seconds, remote LED lights on, data recovery operation is successful.


Supplementary notes

The garage remote default built-in cloning program. The above five functions belong to cloning program function. If use device to generate the garage remote, the cloning program of the garage remote will be replaced. So need to rewrite the cloning program to restore cloning function by device.

Support remote cloning or generation of garage remote brand list:

Kirin 350, Kirin 433, Linma 433, Anfusheng, Aonuo, Ostar 433, APRIMATIC, Anphosphorus 350, Anphosphorus 433, AnlinD 433, Anlin 580, Alcano A 315, Alcano B 433, Boda B Regeneration, Bohai, Bujin, Baisheng T18 433,Baisheng T19 433, Changshun, Changyuan Regeneration, Chibao A Blue, Changfeng 433, CELINSA 433, Dort B, DEA, DOORHAN 433, DEMA 433, Dooya DOOYA 433, ETDOOR 433, E KA 433, ELKIABC 433, Fengye, Fubang, Ford, Fudi, Feiren, Gunde A GM, Guoweite, GBD, GAMEB, GAM .Haizhu A, Hengfuwei, Hongrisheng, Hongrisheng A, Hoss A, Hoss 433, Hoss C/D, Hoss F-325, Hoss F- 330MG, Hoss F350MG, Hoss F-390 ,Shenyang Haitong, Haitong, Haomai, Jisu, Jisu A, Jiahe, Juguang 315, Juguang A 433, Juguang B Zaisheng, Gephos 350, Gephos 433, Jiuyi, Carson, Kaimenhong, Kema B, Kangma B, Kardin, KEY, Wright 680 regeneration, Wright red light regeneration, Wright green light regeneration, Ideal A Blue, LGUR 433, Mentor A, Mentor B, Master, Mentor, MOTORLINE, MHZ004 433, MHZ100N 433, ML-216H, Nanxiang regeneration, NICE SMILO, NICE_FL01/2/4, Pan’an A, PROTECO, PAT1 433, Qianshan Second Generation, Ruineng A, Ruineng B, ROGER, RCG12C433, Sprite 60 S66, Sprite S80, Senma, Shengda, Shengtai B, Suoge, Suogesuoma KS680, Suoma A, Suoma B, Smart, Siwei A Red Light, General A ,Tianhong A ,Tianhong B, Tianhong C, Tianshan, Waikewei 433, Weston Regency,Xisaide 600, Xisaide 800, Xisaide B, Xisaide C, Sharp 315, Sharp 433, Xiangtian 350, Xiangtian 433, Yijie, Yide, Zhongtian A, and Zhongtian B600.

If there any brand not support remote cloning or generation, Xhorse will make update for garage remote program database in future.


Xhorse Garage Remote User Manual