Xhorse VVDI2 BMW CAS3++ AKL Error Only Support Add Key?

I have been working on 2008 bmw 550i today.
Reading eeprom & flash with vvdi2 bmw on bench.
When going back to car to start making dealer key & entering 64 attempts mode, kept on getting this message repeatedly.
‘This type only supports add key, not support all keys lost. Put original key into device coil before continue.’
Processing the key went okay but when inserting into the ignition it wouldn’t lock in & turn on the dash.
Couldn’t get ISN and complete the job.
Anyone has any idea of how to resolve this?
Vvdi2 2008 Bmw 550i Cas3 1
Vvdi2 2008 Bmw 550i Cas3 2
Read the ISN from DME. Take DME out and read ISN.
Some CAS istap happen this if you have any cas3 with working key can read isn obd with ignition on otherwise DME out
If the dme is edc16c35 with short isn, vvdi2 can’t do the job, just autohex or bmw explorer.