Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus OBD Clone ID48 Function

OBD clone ID48 on Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus is also a good way to program a new key or all keys lost for VW 4th system. What’s the feature different from ID48(96 bit) online calculation? And how to use?


We had a customer asking how to find the OBD Copy ID48 function in xhorse vvdi key tool plus pad. Here’s the menu path:

You go to Immo Programming- VW- Select by type– OBD clone ID48.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Obd Copy 48 2

OBD Clone ID48 vs. ID48(96 Bit) Online Calculation

  1. OBD clone ID48 is faster than ID48 96bit.

Due to huge users of ID48 96bit online calculation, it may need to wait for 30 minutes or more than hours to finish. However, less users of OBD clone ID48 only takes about 1-3 minutes to finish.


  1. OBD clone ID48 supports key adding & all keys lost while ID48 96bit only supports key adding.


  1. OBD clone ID48 need to acquire password & CS codes from engine while ID48 96bit does not.

Please contact the third party if acquiring codes failed. In contrast, users can calculate ID48 96bit online directly without any codes.



OBD Copy 48 instruction:

This process includes all steps of cloning 48 chip via OBD into one process, the user only need to follow the process prompt and execute them in order to complete the key clone.


2. Step 1: Get the PIN/CS

(1). Input the known PIN/CS manually

(2), Read PIN/CS code from the engine through OBD interface

3. Step 2: Collect data

(1). Collect vehicle data, this step need to generate 48 chip from a VVDI super chip, (then keep both the chip and the sensing coil of the KEYTOOL PLUS close to the vehicle ignition coil, constantly switch the ignition on/off, until it prompts that collection is complete.

4. Step 3: Network decoding

(1) Uploaded the data collected in step 2 to the server to calculate, file will be saved after the calculation is completed.

(2) . You can query the server last calculation result.

5. Step 4: Generate dealer keys

(1). You can generate dealer keys through the immo data file loaded in step 3.