Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Honest Review- Sept. 2023

Xhorse VVDI Key tool Plus is good for complicated systems where Soldering or Solder free for that matter is involved. Has good diagrams to walk you through the process. Some Basic & In Depth training of complicated Key Programming available for High end Vehickes using this device specifically. Combines well with Mini Prog. Makes it a good 3rd programmer for specialty projects. It is not ready to be your daily Go-to programmer yet. Im508 + xp400pro is a great choice for starters. + Key tool Max for non-smart & smart universal keys. Autel for smart Keys.
Quite a bit of extra hardware and external adapters needed to use Key Tool Plus.
Could probably do a lot of these with IM608 II+ Adapters, but it won’t be quite as in depth walking you through the process.

Has a lot of Pros & Cons as all programmers do for the Vehicle you are programming. Not the 5mims.

In & Out programming. Autel is my choice for those. Im6082 is go to. Haven’t done a new GM yet to see if the CanFD w/o adapter works. I have adapter if not. Haven’t had the chance to connect & sign-in to AutoAuth for Chryslers yet and see if we can program 2018+ w/o adc2011 or adc2012.. That would be nice.
It’s not a gimmick, but in comparison to your Autel/Xtool/Smart Pro it lacks quite a bit of basic coverages. However like most programmers it does other programming better than some.
It supposed to be on the rise and Updates to be coming.. We shall see. Xhorse is doing pretty good so it’s a safe bet they’ll succeed at becoming a complete programmer and compete with the higher end aftermarket tools we use now.
One of it’s positives besides Toyota is when you have a car with multiple part numbers falling under the same FCCID for remotes.
You can generate Emulator keys on the tablet and find which one programs. Or if AKL on ford.
For example you can generate an Emulator Key, program it as Key 1 and than add your Actual Key and bypass the need for a second remote.
It’s not my daily programmer, but I’m glad I have it.