Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Pro Cannot Charge Battery Solution

Some people reported that xhorse vvdi key tool max pro would not charge even changing different power adapters.

Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro Will Not Charge Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro Will Not Charge 2

Here are the suggestions.

1. Do not use a fast charge brick. 

For example don’t use those Samsung wall adapters, output is based off of the fast charging platforms for Samsung Devices.

Has to be low amp, and not variable volt/amp like fast charge samsung.


2. Use original charger cable, if failed try change another power adapter or port.  Or try differnet cubes but use the original cable.


3. [Xhorse engineer solution] Connect another end of the usb cable to laptop/computer. Connect USB to computer for power supply. It charges great.


If all failed,  replace this diode on key tool max pro main board, or send back to replace.

Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro Battery Charge