Xhorse VVDI BEE Key Tool Lite vs VVDI Mini Key Tool

What’s the difference between Xhorse VVDI BEE key tool lite and vvdi mini key tool/key tool max?

Check the table comparison below:

Item Xhorse VVDI BEE Key Tool Lite

Xhorse Key Tool Lite

Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool

Vvdi Mini Key Tool

Transponder clone Yes Yes
Generate transponder Yes Yes
Clone remote No Yes
Generate remote Yes Yes
Frequency test Yes Yes
Remote renew No Yes
IC/ID clone Yes Yes
ID48 96bit clone Yes Yes
Toyota 8A H online calculation Yes Yes
Ignition switch coil signal detection Yes Yes
Unlock Toyota smart key Yes Yes
Honda cycle key renew Yes Yes
Hyundai/Kia smart key password calculation Yes Yes
Remote charge battery Yes Yes
8E remote upgrade and unlock Yes Yes
Set type of vvdi wireless remote Yes Yes
Mazda ID49 smart key light repair Yes Yes
Set Type of VVDI Super Transponder Yes Yes
Remote test function    
App language Chinese, English English Chinese Spanish French Hindi Hebrew Italian Thai Polish Portuguese Korean and Indonesian
Update Via Xhorse App Via Xhorse App

VVDI BEE key tool is the lite version of mini key tool without remote clone and remote renew functions. But key tool lite price is very competitive, $55 free shipping.

Both tools require generating 10 universal remotes to activate ID48 96bit cloning license.

For remote coverage please check xhorse app.