Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro TPMS Everything in Chinese?


I’ve just bought an Xhorse vvdi key tool max PRO and checking out its capabilities. Clicked on TPMS and clicked on Nissan. Trying to find Qashqai but everything is in Chinese. I don’t read or speak the language ?? Any advice?




TPMS function is not yet officially released to the Key tool max pro.

Xhorse will launch TPMS sensor for key tool pro soon.

  • Support XTPMS programming, up to 20 sensors simultaneously
  • Reprogram XTPMS sensor
  • Activate original TPMS and XTPMS sensor (315Mhz, 433Mhz)
  • Copy and change sensor ID
  • Read TPMS data like tire pressure, temperature, battery, etc.
  • Support OBD reading, writing, read & clear DTCs
  • Compatible with multiple car models, support for more models coming soon

Xhorse Tpms Sensor