Xhorse VVDI BEE Key Tool Lite Device Connection Failed Solution


My Xhorse VVDI BEE Key tool lite is not working. It seems that the USB contact is not good.
I managed to get the blue light on and a message sent with code. Error “device connect failed”. Any solution?

Vvdi Bee Key Tool Lite 1


Go to mobile phone Settings, check if the mobile phone supports OTG function.

If yes, turn on OTG. If your mobile phone does not have OTG function, then it cannot connect with BEE key tool.


How to Enable OTG Android:

To Enable the OTG mode, Find OTG mode in Settings ⇾ Tap on OTG connections ⇾ Then Enable the connection (OTG Mode)

  1. Search for “OTG” in the mobile settings.
  2. Tap on the “OTG connection” option.
  3. Toggle the OTG connection to enable it.
  4. Once enabled, you can connect a pen drive or USB device to your smartphone.

Enable OTG Function 1

Enable OTG Function 3

Enable OTG Function 2