Xhorse Multi Prog Read and Write VAG Simos PCR2.1 ECU

Xhorse Multi Prog new user feedback:

Successfully read VAG Simos pcr2.1 ECU on bench.


Last time failed with this Ecu, and I noticed a issue with multi prog power adapter.
That 4 amps charger is fully induction (a/c noise in out put) once connect my usb cable to pc, mouse pad also stock due to multi prog SMPS noise.
Just connect with my old Power supply and everything works.
That ecu already bench read by fc200 so there’s no need unlock.

Checksum by multiprog.

I didn’t unlock anything …I just read flash in bench the write mod file. It reads full flash data.

pcr2.1 when start read go to 3-4amps in sec.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vag Simos Pcr2 1 1 Xhorse Multi Prog Vag Simos Pcr2 1 2