Xhorse Dolphin FW 1.7.4 Fixed VA2 VA6 Cutting Bugs

Some users reported that Xhorse Dolphin XP005/XP005L had bugs when cutting VA2/VA6 key blanks in the last update.

The problem was solved by the last update. V1.7.4 came out and fix the va6 issue.
Update the firmware to 1.7.4 or Dolphin machine and update also the Xhorse app.



Just cut a VA6 I decoded the key Q-H then cut as normal.
so I tried again with the same key but this time I noticed a new item in the menu just before you click cut (See Photo)

Xhorse Dolphin Cut Va6

I ticked this and cut the key again (you have to tick it on both cuts)

Put it in the lock and it worked.
on the 2nd cut it took a fraction more off one side and the back end of the key

But it worked in the lock.