Xhorse Condor II New Cutters and Probes

Xhorse released some new cutters and probes for Condor II key cutting machines.


New Cutters

Xhorse XCCD30GL 2.5mm Engraving Cutter 

used for engraving on key blanks

Xhorse Xccd30

XHORSE XCDU45GL 4.5mm Dimple Cutter (Internal)

Xhorse Xcdu45

XHORSE XCDU35GL 3.5mm Dimple Cutter (Internal)

Xhorse Xcdu35

XHORSE XCDW60GL 6.0mm Dimple Cutter External

Xhorse Xcdw60

XHORSE XCDW64GL 6.5mm Dimple Cutter (External) 

Xhorse Xcdw64

New Probes

XHORSE XCPF05GL 0.5mm Probe

Used for snake groove key and certain dimple key learning

Xhorse Xcpf05

XHORSE XCPS10GL 1.0mm Probe

Used with dimple cutters above

Xhorse Xcps10

The above cutters and probes can be used with xhorse condor ii ONLY.

Cannot work with old Condor or dolphin series.