Xhorse B5 Super Remote vs Regular Super Remote

What’s the difference between Xhorse B5 Super Remote and regular super remotes?
B5 Remote
B5 Super Remote comes with the new X27B chip is not the XT27A version that has more possibilities.
XT27B adds 47, 49, 4A and MQB chips types.
Super Remote Vs B5 Super Remote
You will need B5 super remote to generate ID47, ID49 (.e 2018+ Ford ID49 proximity), ID4A (i.e Nissan 4A proximity) and MQB smart keys.
Xhorse B5 Super Remote 1
Ford Transit, Fiesta, F-150 etc ID49
Nissan 4a Super Remote
Nissan Qashqai ID4A, Peugoet 3008 ID4A etc
Mqb B5 Super Remote
MQB48 B5 Super remote
Check coverage in Xhorse App, if it ask to use B5 Super remote, buy XEB510EN remote instead.