Xhorse VVDI MB Failed to Read W230 2003 Password via IR or OBD?


I got a problem reading Mercedes W230 2003 EIS password with xhorse vvdi mb tool. I have the original key in hand and need to add a spare key. Try both IR and OBD failed.

Vvdi Mb 2003 W230 Failed To Read Password


Need to remove EIS and read with vvdi mb or vvdi prog.


Remove EIS and read with vvdi mb and EIS/EZS test adapter following the wiring diagram below

Benz Eis Ezs Pinout 6

FYI: Check more Benz EZS/EIS bench pinouts here 


Or read EIS data with VVDI Prog

Vvdi Mb 2003 W230 Failed To Read Password 2

EIZ W230(ST12)

VVDI Prog wiring diagram to Benz W230 EIZ


or using Benz EIS/EZS adapter to read without soldering

W215 W220 W230 ADAPTER