VVDI Key Tool Plus Program Audi Q7 2007 Key

User feedback:

Programming key Audi Q7 2007 by xhorse vvdi key tool plus, easy job 2 minutes.

Using aftermarket China key 8E. Whole process took 2 minutes, you just Press the screen button.

Always Q7/A6 before 2009 is easy job for Add and AKL.

Programming Key Audi Q7 2007 2

Programming Key Audi Q7 2007 3

Programming Key Audi Q7 2007 1

if have a working key you can do all by obd.
If not, then j518 on table. Read j518 with vvdi prog or keytool plus and prepare.
if you take off the J518 for make a key it’s a totally time lost. OBD, if not work, CS from ecu and working key, also done.