How to Read BMW E65 Facelift CAS with Xhorse VVDI Prog?


Where to find the wiring diagram for connecting xhorse vvdi prog to BMW E65 Facelift CAS?

I am replacing a dead module that will not accept keys with a used one and need to read ISN from old so I can transfer to new one and sync Dme and cas. This is my cas module type:

Bmw Cas Facelift Vvdi Prog 1


Here is the procedure.
CAS reads as MC9S12DG256. Only eeprom is needed. Read eeprom, change isn and vin of new CAS to car original isn and vin.
Write eeprom back to CAS, do DME-CAS alignment and you are done.
BMW E65 Facelift CAS connection diagrams to vvdi prog
Bmw Cas Facelift Vvdi Prog 2
BMW 7 series CAS 2005-up facelift
Bmw Cas Facelift Vvdi Prog 3
Bmw Cas Facelift Vvdi Prog 4