How to Read Benz W220 1D69J with Xhorse VVDI Prog?

Mercedes W220 1d69j, how to read with xhorse vvdi prog?

Vvdi Prog 1d69j 1

In-circuit reading not available for 1D69J. Remove and read with HC05 adaptor.

Vvdi Prog 1d69j 7

HC05 adapter

Vvdi Prog 1d69j 2

Need desolder mcu from board and use HC05 adaptor.

Vvdi Prog 1d69j 5

Read with prog under mcu-Motorola -mc68hc05x32(1d69j)

Vvdi Prog 1d69j 3

Vvdi Prog 1d69j 4

Vvdi Prog 1d69j 6

Or with vvdi mb it will work. No need to remove EIS.

VVDI MB BGA tool supports this EIS program all key lost without opening EIS. it can do it on bench.
Read password via IR with VVDIMB tool on bench.


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