Nissan Qashqai J10 2010 Key Not Start VVDI Key Tool Plus Solution


Customer brought me his Nissan Qashqai J10 model from 2010. He could not start the car.
Car has the I-Key system (Keyless). Smart keys have integrated mechanical flip-keys.
They look like that

Nissan Key 1

So, when I open the flip-key and put it into ignition, car starts, but no remote locking/unlocking and no keyless start is possible. I-Key module is completely dead, I can’t connect to it. When I connect second-hand I-Key module, diagnostic connects, I get the red “key” lght on dash, meaning that key is not paired to I-Key module. I have VVDI2, VVDI Key Tool Plus, SMOK and AVDI. None of those tools want to write keys to the used I-key module. I think it must be programmed and paired to the BCM first. But I can’t do this with any tool. When I opened the I-Key module, I don’t see any EEPROM. Only Fujitsu MCU. It’s based on MB90F347A processor.




After few hours I was able to start the car with my tools. Old I-Key module was completely dead and I had no luck in reading the MCU. So I decided to give it another try today. I connected used module, tried to program it to the car, but AVDI and VVDI was giving me errors while programming the keys. I started to look for a solution, and I found out, that if there is any active DTC connected to IMMO system in any of IMMO related modules. I had active P1610 – ECU in locked state.
So I had to take care of it first. As I could start the car if I used mechanical key in ignition module. So I started the car, left it to idle for about 10 minutes. DTC turned to inactive and I could erase it. Afterwards I just had to erase smart keys and program them. VVDI key tool plus did the trick without any problem afterwards. Now remotes and keyless start is working like a charm.