Failed to Generate Xhorse Super Chip to Honda/Chevrolet ID8E?


I tried to generate xhorse super chip xt27 to ID8E for Chevrolet Spark 2011 but it doesn’t work. Has this happened to any of you before?

Chevrolet 8e Transponder



It’s 8E precoded spark, vvdi super chip doesn’t work.

Doesn’t work for Honda either (8E is working for Honda as well).

You can only generate 8E for Audi with xhorse. For Audi you need 8E aftermarket or OEM.

Only way to make this chip is to clone ANY original 8E chip, then program it. ID13 is the same. Even will work with used transponders

Need only original 8E, and must be generated for Spark on Tango. Tange prepares chip.

Precoding an 8E (TP32 JMA) glass special chip with Tango. This is the only way.

8E Glass Special Chip For Chevrolet Spark Precoded By Tango