How to Choose Benz Key Shells for VVDI BE Key?

How to choose a proper Mercedes Benz key shell for Xhorse VVDI BE Key Pro green board and yellow board?


3 Buttons key shell:


Item No: SA1794 & SA1794-C1

SA1794 has been tested by many, good quality and nice.

SA1794-C1 is the 2022 new key shell from another manufacturer.


SA1794-C1 LOGO card position is more accurate than SA1794.
C1 is much cheaper than SA1794, 5pcs= $21.99

Benz Key Shell 1

Benz Key Shell 2

Can use Xhorse Mercedes smart key 3 button on 2 button key and it worked lock/unlock/ trunk

Just on non keyless go

Applicable List:705 Moto(1997-2000) NEC(2001-2005) NEC(2006-2010) BGA(after 2011)

How to install VVDI BE key with 3-button key shell?

3+1 Benz key shell with panic button:

Benz Key Shell 3 1 Buttons

How to install VVDI BE key and 3+1 buttons key shell?