Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus W639 AKL Car Not Start Solution

Here comes the problem: A Mercedes W639 with all keys lost. Around 2005. Customer removed the EIS and brought it to me, because the keys are lost. Read the EIS on bench and prepared key file to write the key as key number 4 using xhorse vvdi key tool plus. Information of EIS says (left side on pic.) That it is not activated, personalized etc. My key is opening the doors, and unlocking ELV but the car is not running. See pictures. What’s the next step for me? Key info’s shown in the picture.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus W639 All Keys Lost 1 Vvdi Key Tool Plus W639 All Keys Lost 2 Vvdi Key Tool Plus W639 All Keys Lost 3 Vvdi Key Tool Plus W639 All Keys Lost 4

Possible reason:

The problem was probably caused by key tool plus when reading the EIS with adapter. Data was incomplete on keytool plus and different when read from car directly.


1. Read EIS via IR with installed EIS on CAR.
This time, EIS was activated and VIN was written.
2. Prepared key file with no password inserted first.
3. Manually typed the Password, which i read on bench before which was correct.
4.Written key with new key files.
5. Car runs, all works fine.
6. Additionally changed from yellow VVDI BE key PCB to green PCB. Not sure, if this was necessary.