Xhorse VVDI 754J Key Generate as 868Mhz but Shows 434Mhz

Q: I bought a Xhorse XSADJ1GL VVDI 754J universal Smart Remote Key for Audi ( Immo 5 , BCM 2 system).  I can’t prepare 868 MHz . 315 and 433 MHz prepared ok. But when I try to create 868Mhz with vvdi mini key tool I get key with 433 MHz. It seems that is 434 but works good after programming. Any have idea?

Xhorse Audi J754 Key 1

Xhorse Audi J754 Key 2

The board key has marked AD006 Ver 1.1.

Xhorse Audi J754 Key 3

Xhorse Audi J754 Key 4

Xhorse Audi J754 Key 5

Xhorse Audi J754 Key 6

After generate 868mhz remote, both mini key tool and keydiy kd-x2 detect the frequency as 434mhz.

Xhorse Audi J754 Key 7

Xhorse Audi J754 Key 8


Kd and mini key tool xhorse cannot read 868mhz that’s why. 868MHz signal is weak. Sometimes cannot be detected by major key tools on the aftermarket.

VVDI 754J AD006 is new one, old one was just 315, if he generates 433mhz and 315mhz, = is new pcb. (The Key produced before 20.04.22 can’t be prepared with other Mhz)

It works just try it. It keeps showing 434Mhz but it works.

IT shows 434 But IT will work as 868mhz. Just generate IT and code to car. It works fine after programming.