Xhorse Key Tool “Combine SN with Xhorse App” when Copy ID48?

Here comes a similar problem. One of our customers wants to copy id48 from Audi Q3 2017.  Xhorse vvdi mini key tool sniffing signal from ignition, it asks for key, and after put working key in vvdi key tool, he shows me this error “Please combine SN with Xhorse App”.

Tool read the key and get signal from ignition. Device is bound to xhorse app. Any solution?

Combine Sn With Xhorse App


First of all, check if your vvdi mini key tool is bound to xhorse account.


What account he uses is bound to it and he can only use it under that account. 


For example, if you have 2 accounts, and have id48 copy license activated in account A. Then you cannot copy id48 in account B.