Xhorse FT-OBD Tool FAQs

Here comes the frequently asked questions of Xhorse FT Mini OBD Tool for Toyota.

Xhorse Ft Obd Tool User Manual 1

Q: How connect ft mini obd tool? use obd port?

A: Yes, use OBD port and control by Xhorse App.


Q:  it supports up to new models, but from what years ?
2000- ?
2006- ?

A: It does support older Toyota 2000 onwards.


Q: does the FT obd tool support Toyota 2023?

A: Yes, it supports Toyota till 2023.


Q: it can do 2022 and 2023 smart keys add without rolling code?

A: It can do most of them, but some requires rolling code from 3rd party, i.e BABA.


Q: Does Xhorse FT-OBD support non-smart key programming?

A: Yes, it does.


Q: is it standalone?

A: It should be controlled by Xhorse app.


Q: Key tool max pro can do this functions?

A: No, Partial Toyota 8A/4D Add key and all keys lost (with 8A AKL adapter).


Q: How can i update FT-OBD firmware?

A:  FT-OBD update is free in xhorse app>>FT-OBD>>update.


Q: Does vvdi key tool plus do all functions of FT-OBD?

A: Yes, it does.


Q: Can FT OBD TOOL do yaris 2007 8A chip AKL?

A: It cannot do older mechanic key all keys lost.