Xhorse Dolphin XP-008 vs Condor XC-009 Manual Key Cutting Machine

Xhorse mini mechanical manual key cutting machine Dolphin XP-008 and Condor XC-009 which one to choose?


Check table comparison below:

Item Xhorse Condor XC-009 Xhorse Dolphin XP-008
Image Xhorse Condor Xc 009 Xhorse Dolphin Xp008
With Battery Built-in Lithium battery

60-100 keys cut in one charge

Built-in Lithium battery
Support Key Types For Single-Sided and Double-sided Keys, flat keys for bikes, cars and domestic locks

Xhorse Condor Xc 009 Keys

For Bit/Double Bit/Dump keys, and safe deposit box keys

Xhorse Dolphin Xp008 Keys

Xhorse Dolphin Xp008 Keys 2

Input Frequency   47-63Hz
Spindle Speed 1800rpm 1050rpm
Travel of table 95mm 46mm
Power 200W 145W
Input Voltage 12V-18V/3A 12V DC
Motor Torque 1.2Nm 1.32Nm
Net Weight 10.66kg 10.8Kg
Gross Weight 12Kg 12.5Kg
Clamp 4-side clamp

Xhorse Condor Xc 009 Key Clamp

All-purpose 3-side clamps

Xhorse Dolphin Xp0008 Clamp

With LED indicator Yes Yes

Dolphin XP008 and Condor xc009 are different manual duplicators.  XP008 is designed to cut bit/pump and safe deposit box keys. XC-009 can duplicate flat keys for bikes, cars and domestic locks.