Will Xhorse BCM2 Adapter Replace DB25 to DB15 Red Adapter?


The Xhorse BCM2 adapter set (DB15 cable) looks the same as the red XDPGSOGL DB15 to DB25 for vvdi prog?

Are these cables interchangeable?
The first one is for the BCM2 adapter. The red one is the DB25 to DB15 cable for vvdi prog.

Xhorse Bcm2 Adapter Db25 Vs Db25 To Db15

Xhorse Db25 To Db15 Cable


BCM2 set includes all cables to work, red cable is for other adapters, MQB, CAS etc.

Some have both and use them interchangeably. i.e used it for range rover adapter and it works.

But Xhorse engineers suggest not to use them interchangeably.


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