Xhorse XM38 Remote Calculate failed Error 9B Solution


What seems to be the problem.  I can’t prepare xhorse xm38 toyota smart key XSTO01EN, key tool max gave me error calculate failed Error 9B.  I tried with different wifi, and nothing changed! Any solution?

Xhorse XM38 Calculate Failed Error 9B

same with vvdi key tool plus

Xhorse Xm38 Calculate Failed Error 9b


Your remote is Chinese (CN) version. But the device database is GL. Error 9B means version of your device does not match that of the remote.

Xhorse recently released an update that does not allow CN board to be used on Global Devices.

The Chinese packaging XM38s can’t be used outside of CHINA.

You must purchase the Global Version of XM38 remote.