Xhorse XM38 Baudrate Change Error Solution


I cannot change Xhorse XM38 smart key frequency from 433mhz to 312Mhz. vvdi mini key tool gave error “Baudrate change should from -10mhz to 10mhz compare with original”. I did baud rate change but error is the same.

Xhorse Xm38 Change Frequency 0


Follow this way to change frequency, Go to Special function—->vvdi remote function —-> Toyota smart key settings

Xhorse Xm38 Change Frequency 1

Here is the detail instruction

How to Change Xhorse Toyota XM38 Smart Key Frequency?

Need to change both (frequency and baudrate) if you have 312.4 for 1 and 433 for the other it’s 2 big if a gap so make all 4 buttons the same 312.420.