Xhorse XDPGSOGL Cable: Connect Vvdi Prog & Solder-Free Adapters

Good news! Xhorse XDPGSOGL Connector Cable is arrival in stock. It’s a conversion plug to establish the connection between VVDI PROG & Xhorse solder-free adapters.

Xhorse Solder Free Adapter

Supported Adapters List:

BMW XNDP11 CAS3/CAS3 adapter
BMW XNDP12 CSA4/CAS4+ adapter
BMW E series FRM adapter
DB9 Benz EIS XNDP13 adapter
DB15-DB25 BMW EWS4 adapter
DB15-PS2 Remote Renew adapter
Land Rover KVM XDNP16 adapter
Honda Civic XDNP54 adapter
Honda XDNP57 Vezel adapter
Honda Fit-H XDNP19 adapter
Honda Fit-L XDNP20 adapter

Porsche BCM XDNP17 adapter
Hyundai Sonata XDNP21 adapter
Kia K3 XDNP25 MB91F adapter
Kia K5 XDNP26 MB91F adapter
Volvo KVM XDNP27 adapter
Volvo CEM XDNP28 adapter 1
Volvo CEM XDNP29adapter 2
Delphi 48 Immo adapter
Audi J518 XDNP45 adapter
Audi BCM2 solder free adapter

(Partially unsupported at present, please refer to the list above)

Xhorse Xdpgsogl Cable Connect Vvdi Prog Solder Free Adapters (1)


Not like before, the Xhorse solder-free adapters are allowed to work with VVDI PROG from now on. Rather than simply apply to MINI PROG & VVDI Key Tool Plus. DB15 DB25 adapter can greatly improve the efficiency of operations. To be more convenient, safer & stable than soldering wires.


5 reasons why you should have solder free adapters



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