Xhorse VVDI2 Failed to Add Seat Leon 2018 Key Solution


I tried today and failed, to add key to Seat Leon 2018.
Used xhorse vvdi2 and autel 508.
None could read immo data through obd.
What’s the way to add key to this cluster?
Vvdi2 recognised cluster as nec 36xx vdo.

Vvdi2 Seat Leon 2018 Add Key 1

Vvdi2 Seat Leon 2018 Add Key 2

Vvdi2 Seat Leon 2018 Add Key 3


NEC35XX Locke you need to do it on bench via vvdi prog. Need to have MQB license activated on your vvdi prog+vvdi2.

MQB solder free adapters are cleaner and easier to use.  If don’t use adapters, do soldering way.



Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Read BGA D70F3532 Solder-Free