Xhorse VVDI Super Chip Failed to Write Key BMW PCF7935?


I have a problem to write BMW EWS key with ak90 and vvdi mini key tool.
Is it possible to do it with xhorse super chip or need OEM pcf7935?
Bmw Ews Ak90 1 Bmw Ews Ak90 2
Many people got problems with super chip signal being weak or losing programming.   All works fine but PCF7935 no.
Super chip works 100%. You need to know how to set it and write it.

Write Superchip as VW id33 first. 

Xhorse Id33

Super chip WV id33 will always work, no problems.
FYI: pcf7935 much better to use on rolling code. Super chip on all other vehicles, but not bmw ews. If need to use on EWS, better write it as ID33.