Xhorse VVDI Prog Wiring Diagram to Audi J518 Emulator Read/Write


Here’s the tips to read and write Audi J518 Emulator mask 1L59W using xhorse vvdi prog programmer.




My customer bought an emulator online
I have read the steering lock from the car which has the 1L59W chipset.  I have read it with vvdi prog already.
I need to convert that file to the 0L01Y format to write back to the emulator.
But the original is 1L59W and it needs to be converted before I wrote it with vvdi prog
Original file is 2kb and needs to be 4kb to write to emulator. 
I would understand if you needed to charge me for this or I would be willing to purchase another emulator if I had to.






VVDISHOP Engineer solution:


1.Write data back to emulator with vvdiprog.

If you have trouble converting file to write back to the emulator, send the original ELV data to our engineer.  We’ll convert data and send you back.

After that you can write back data following the wiring diagram below:


J518 Wiring Diagram

J518 Wiring Diagram 2

The wiring diagram can be applied to VVDI-Prog, CG100 or R270. Require write EEPROM back only. (Don’t write back FLASH data)

Select This Option When Writing Data

In VVDI Prog software, select Audi J518(2010-) (0L01Y) option to write.




Audi A6L/Q7 J518 (1L59W/3L40K)( Before 2010) wiring diagram to vvdi prog

AUDI J518 V1 Wiring

Audi A6L/Q7 J518 (0L01Y) (After 2010) wiring diagram to vvdi prog

AUDI J518 V2

There is another way to make it work. If you have ODIS, install the j518 emulator to vehicle. Program emulator with ODIS online.