V4.5.7 Original Xhorse VVDI PROG Technical Questions and Answers

Question: Please write to step by step.. CAS4 cloning procedure.. (if possible) I have two cas4, ori and donor.. I need cloning.. I have VVDI programmer..

Answer: If MCU is same, i think you just have to copy eeprom from one to other…


Question: Is vvdi prog able to write flash in hc12dg128 mask 1k50e mpc ? Apparently xprog smok ak300-500 all failure to write flash in this processor ?

Can anyone do me a bdm connections using vvdi prog for cas 1 i think its v1

Answer: yes,Xhore vvdi prog support write flash for 1k50e/0k50e.you should select the correct type unsecure or secured.by the way,if your chip is damaged means write flash will fail.


Question: mb91f061 program good work not problem

only not verfy in The first two bytes of every 512 Byte and again not problem

Answer: MB91F061 should be verify ok,it work like this:

the data total 64KB,there are 128 small data area(each area memory size 512 bytes)

after you wirte a new dump, if the first 512 area change,VVDI PROG will auto calculate 2 bytes named ‘verify data’

about the second 512 area, the first 2 bytes will same as last ‘verify data’, then this area also auto calculate new 2 bytes to the next area.

so if the write the new dump usually verify failed because of ‘verify data ‘changed.


Question:Can vvdi prog erase the first two lines in M35080 M35160 (80D0WQ, 160D0wQ) ?

Answer: we will add M35080 M35160,maybe within 2 months will support.


Question: Someone are having issues to write into EEPROM Atmel 24C02 ?

Im trying, VVDI Prog read perfect, but to write give me error.

VVDI PROG try to erase and fail.

I was reading and does eeproms have write protection, when is not connected to ground (gnd), if EEPROM are connected to VCC have write protect.

So, there is some way to write into this eeprom?

OBS: I have tried with many voltages.. from 3.0 to 5.0v and nothing.

HEre a link from this eeprom datasheet..


And the write protected info


The AT24C01A/02/04/08A/16A has a Write Protect pin that

provides hardware data protection. The Write Protect pin allows normal Read/Write

operations when connected to ground (GND).

When the Write Protect pin is connected

to VCC, the write protection feature is enabled and operates as shown in Table 2.”

Answer: did you try remove IC from the PCB then read by VVDI PROG?


Question: Motorola HC12D60 1L28M not read, tested on AIRBAG VW62 1T0909605C and Dash Ford Mondeo MK3.

Answer: please check the connection,if its secured type need to connect the CLK.


Question: Problem is with reading and writing (eep and fls) Motorola mask 1L59W in Audi A6 C6 ELV J518 —>2010. The mask 3L40K reading and writing (eep and fls) without problem, any time.

Problem is only with 1L59W mask. I read and write this mask finally but I tried few times. I tried on 4pcs. ELV and 2 PC and problem is the same.

Please check it and correct.

Answer: please ensure the cut off wires and connection all ok.


Question: If they add HC805P18 with read and write i might be interested ..

I made some work on finding the pinout on this MCU So here it is .

Answer: HC805P18 is old type,maybe will not add.currently working on other types first.


Question: Has anyone had any problems reading CAS 3 with 0L01Y mask. Is it safe to read with VVDI-Prog programmer.

Answer: I read it many time …its safe