Xhorse VVDI Prog or VVDI MB to Read Mercedes W164 Amazona EIS?

In repairing Mercedes Benz W164 EIS I found that there are two different boards from 2006-2008. Two different boards between 2006-2008 (see images).

I can extract eeprom and flash using Xhorse VVDI Prog from the ST12 08/S switch. However, the 01/S is not listed with VVDI Prog. Does anyone know if you can get the eeprom from this board? Is there way to to get password from ezs via IR AKL? which tool?

Benz W164 EIS 1 Benz W164 EIS 2



That’s the Famous Amazona EIS. The Amazona EIS is not listed in VVDI Prog. You won’t be able to use VVDI Prog to pull eeprom data from the Amazonas EIS.

VVDIprog can do Motorola MCU, not Nec processor.

Only VVDI MB Tool.

W164 has 2 types, Motorolla based and NEC based. The very early W164 models have motorola which you can read by external programmer like vvdi, smok, rosfar etc. Then there is EIS with NEC procesor not motorola, cannot be read with those programmers.

Only motorolla bassed eis can be decoded. nec based eis has locked/ unreadable processor with city name mask i.e. amazonas, sydney etc. best solution for this is to replace eis and make ecu virgin then personalize and activate ecu with new ( used) eis installed.

vvdi mb can now find akl password.

Vvdi Mb W164 Eis 1

Vvdi Mb W164 Eis 2

Vvdi Mb W164 Eis 3

Vvdi Mb W164 Eis 4

Vvdi Mb W164 Eis 5

Here is some more info with part numbers:

1st version of these old W164 EZS with the 2 plugs far apart 2005 -> 2006 had Motorola MCU inside. These have part numbers: 164 545 05 08 and 164 545 07 08

Then from 2007 -> 2009 these old W164 EZS with the 2 plugs far apart have an NEC MCU inside. These have part numbers: 164 545 09 08, 164 545 10 08, 164 545 11 08, 164 545 13 08

From 2009+ These W164 used a smaller EZS with the 2 plugs close together, these EZS are supported by most tools for AKL and have part numbers: 164 545 15 08, 164 545 16 08, 164 905 xx xx


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