Xhorse VVDI Prog and VVDI2 VW Passat 2016 MQB All Keys Lost

Xhorse VAG MQB license new feedback:


Made today 2016 VW Passat all keys lost with xhorse vvdi prog and vvdi2.

$200 to add the MQB function.

Sync data cost 80usd PayPal and it’s done.
All contact xhorse give if asked or look, there is even link to third part contact, just need to make Wechat account and there is 4 different guy who is making.
No risk, it wasn’t the first time. It is done by cutting the track, and after reading the solder track back.
If you don’t like to lift the mcu leg so there is track cutting option, then no need to lift the leg at all. Look wire description, there is a and b wire.

Vvdi Prog 2016 Passat Akl 1 Vvdi Prog 2016 Passat Akl 2