Xhorse VVDI MB “Calculate Password Failed, Correct Data and Retry” Solution


Getting this error when trying to calculate password with xhorse vvdi mb tool !
“Calculate failed, collect data and retry. ”

Why and how to fix ?

Vvdi Mb Calculate Failed Retry 2

Possible reason:

1.If your internet signal is weak this can happen.

2.You have collected the data more than once

3.or you just submit the same corrected data to server multiple times

Change stable network connection. If you haven’t collected the data more than once try to collect the data again and then upload the new data to the server. Make sure you give the new data collection file a different name than the previous read before uploading it to the server.

Try changing how you read the data as well. I’ve had a few where the FAST read data calculate data failed (tried multiple times with different data) but doing it the slow way worked.



Changed file name after calculation and worked!