Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL verified working

Great news! Xhorse VVDI company has newly developed a new VVDI MB TOOL that solved MB bga key online calculation. The MB BGA Tool key programmer for Mercedes Benz is available in vvdishop.com now.
Xhorse is a good company with the best staff they give also good support specially
Guess what is more exciting? 
Online calculation for FREE!
The new VVDI MB BGA Tool will make pass read for nec ezs fsb3 and also fix all the functions for key programming as Tango. And it will add more function,maybe more than 1 month.
Our engineer has tested the new key programmer and verified working!!! This is a test report of a new VVDI for Mercedes Benz.
Test tool:
Tested vehicles:
5 Mercedes Benz cars
E300L…work fine
R500 4 matic…work fine
CLS260…work fine
S320…work fine
E260…work fine
Tested Procedure:
Our Technicians only spend 2 hours to add keys for 5 Mercedes; that is, just less than half an hour to add one key for cars.
Use VVDI MB tool Two hours, five Mercedes Benz add key! Perfect
Calculate BGA code free online!!!