Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Special Function List

Apart from IMMO key programming and Prog function, Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus also supports many special functions. Here we list all special functions of key tool plus.


šŸ”øFile ManagementšŸ”ø

You can find files from the IMMO data tool and files read from immo data right in the Local file. My data file enables you to transfer between KEY TOOL PLUS and PC through the Xhorse cloud disk.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Special Function 1
šŸ”øRemote renewšŸ”ø

Some original remotes cannot be regenerated after being used. In this case, we need to renew them. After renewing the remote, it becomes a brand-new original key again and can be programmed into various vehicles.

As there are multiple types of keys, please note that make sure your PCB has to be the same as the picture shown on KEY TOOL PLUS. Otherwise, it may fail.

But rest assured. It won’t damage your PCB. As long as you choose the right option, it’ll be working.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Special Function 2
šŸ”øIC/ID ClonešŸ”ø

To use this function, you have to use a cloneable IC or ID card. Otherwise, KEY TOOL PLUS is not able to write the data into the card.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Special Function 3
šŸ”øVVDI remote functionšŸ”ø

There are many features here, including detecting the remote, customizing key button type, etc. All these features are targeted towards VVDI remotes.

And they are quite useful. For example, after generating a remote and you find the buttons do not match, you can change the button configuration here.

You can also search the usage record of the remote or which options the remote has been generated. All this info can be found here.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Special Function 4
šŸ”øIgnition switch coil signal detectionšŸ”ø

If you don’t know the type of vehicle remote transponder, say 46, 47, or 4D, you can put the collection antenna of the device close to the ignition switch and turn the key several times.

The device will identify the type of vehicle remote transponder.

Please note that it only supports 46, 47, and 4D, and now 8A can not be recognized.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Special Function 5
šŸ”øRemote charge batteryšŸ”ø

The feature is used for old keys like old BMW and Land Rover keys. These keys come with rechargeable and undetachable batteries inside. When the battery is running out, you can place them in KEY TOOL PLUS for charging.

As for the charging time, it’s not for sure. It could be two hours, three hours, or however long. As long as the screen is on, it charges. That’s the charging function of our key.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Special Function 6
šŸ”øUnlock Toyota smart keyšŸ”ø

The feature can wipe out the info of a programmed Toyota smart key and make it programmable again.

One thing you need to know is that it supports 4D 40/80 keys. During the unlocking process, the LED flashes to indicate that the unlocking is successful. Otherwise, it fails.

And it also supports unlocking certain 8A keys. But RF430 series chips are not covered yet.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Special Function 7
šŸ”øHonda cycle key renewšŸ”ø

Certain Honda motorbike keys can be renewed here and become programmable again.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Special Function 8
šŸ”ø8E remote upgrade/unlockšŸ”ø

It is mainly for VVDI 8E remotes, such as Audi 8E. Audi Q7 A6 keys can be unlocked after being programmed into a vehicle. You can unlock the keys and set the frequency through this function.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Special Function 9
šŸ”øMazda ID49 smart key light repairšŸ”ø

It’s acknowledged that the Mazda 49 key has a special feature.

If the original remote is a two-button remote, then you may be able to program it with a three-button remote.

However, after successful programming with the car start function, there will be a light display on the instrument.

We can fix the light display by this function.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Special Function 10
šŸ”øSmart key password calculationšŸ”ø

It is mainly for Great Wall models and BAIC MOTOR 46 models.

The password is used for programming.

This is how it works. When programming, you’re gonna need the password, and the password can be acquired via KEY TOOL PLUS.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Special Function 11
šŸ”øSet type of VVDI super remotešŸ”ø

Set type of VVDI super remote function is used to set XT27 transponder as these types.

When it’s not able to recognize the transponder, and you’re not sure whether the transponder is workable or not, you can try the reset VVDI super chip feature.

After successful resetting, it will be workable and can be generated for different types.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Special Function 12
šŸ”øSet type of VVDI wireless remotešŸ”ø

It’s a pretty simple feature to set type of VVDI wireless remote.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Special Function 13
šŸ”øRemote test functionšŸ”ø

It is mainly used to assist our engineers in solving certain problems. For instance, when a customer has a remote whose type is unknown, the data of the vehicle can be obtained via this feature and help us update our database.