Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Program 2017 Astra K Super Remote

Is there a way to program an Xhorse super remote to a 2017 Astra k? The key is bladed.  I’ve got the xhorse Vvdi key tool plus tablet, I have one key just need to add a new one I’ve got the pin add the key works few times than it stops working, please advise!! I’m adding the Xhorse key as a second key and the original as main key still not working.

Xhorse Super Remote To A 2017 Astra K

the screen shows that has only one key not 2 and when I try to add the second one it fails on Vvdi key tool plus and on Zed full says keys coded successfully but the key starts the car few times than stops the immobiliser kicks in also the light on the dash comes up, but the main key the one from the dealer starts and works perfectly.



Always do as lost keys.
Test report:
All done on vvdi key tool plus all keys lost and all programmed beautifully with one original and one Xhorse wireless super remote.