Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Mazda ID49 Smart Key Light Repair

Xhorse released Mazda ID49 Smart Key Light Repair function to solve Mazda dash ‘Keyless Entry Malfunction’ (key icon) after programming keys.  The keys are working properly (car starts and remote works)

Check Mazda CX-5 Xhorse Key Works Dash Shows ‘Keyless Entry Malfunction’

Mazda Keyless Entry Led

Here is the function explanation:


VVDI MINI Key Tool/Key Tool Max Path:

Special function >> Mazda ID49 smart key light repair >> Read/ Write

Xhorse Vvdi Mini Keytool Repair Mazda Id49 Smart Key Light (3)



  1. The original car key is required.
  2. The main CPU chip of original car card is square, no matter what model, it needs to be generated by selecting “Mazda 3 Axela/CX-5(model 19) ID49”. If the main CPU chip of original car card is rectangular, select “Mazda 3 Axela ID49 3btn” for generation regardless of the car model.



  1. Put in the original key and read it.
  2. Put in generated remote and write.
  3. OBD clears the previously programmed remote and re-program the above remote. If the light is still on, it has nothing to do with the key data. Power off and clear the fault code.