Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max vs Autel KM100


Here is a short compare between Xhorse vvdi key tool max and Autel KM100.


First comes a table comparison:

Item Autel MaxiIM KM100 Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max
Generate remote
Garage remote X
Copy remote X
Copy transponder chip
Generate special chip
Frequency test
Immobilizer √ with VCI200 X (requires mini obd)
ID/IC Copy X
Unlock remote
Unlock Toyota smart key
Detect ignition coil signal
Generate Remote simulator X
Chip simulator X
Write key via dump X
Collect FSK ASK EEPROM frequency X
Detect IR X X
Charge remote X
Password calculation
ID48/ID48 96bit copy X
Update Lifetime free update Lifetime free update


They are not big differences. both are very good devices.  But there are some small differences depend of your cars or the brands you are working.

Where I see the biggest difference is to generate remotes. Autel is more capable on some brands.

Xhorse has old EWS remotes, but it does not have any CAS, FEM or BDC remotes. But there is no remote regarding CAS3 or CAS3+.

On the Autel we have CAS4, FEM ID49 remotes.

None of these devices it’s able to do those.

Xhorse Key Tool Max Vs Autel Km100 2

A customer has an Audi A8 2004 with proximity remote. He tried to make with xhorse but for some reason was not working but when make the the remote with the Autel it was working. He was to program to the car without any issue.



Autel is focusing on the new model and the new keys and has a few very old keys.


Any other good difference only of the special functions. Xhorse has more functions.

Xhorse Key Tool Max Vs Autel Km100 4

Both have immo data processing.  Autel has also the bcm2, but you need to read the data and load.

We have the interesting part the BCM tool we can process which Xhorse doesn’t have.

Xhorse Key Tool Max Vs Autel Km100 5

Xhorse Key Tool Max Vs Autel Km100 6

Another difference is remote renew or remote unlock. They worked on different Asian brands.

If you check Hyundai Kia Autel has a lot of different PCB series and xhorse only two remotes.

But Xhorse has more PSA remote unlock than Autel.  Autel supports more Renault remote unlock than Xhorse.

If choose BMW this it’s a common well-known brand are the same except Autel has a few third-party I don’t know to which it’s referring.

Nissan remote also the same. Volvo xhorse has two remotes and Autel have 5 in total.


Xhorse Key Tool Max Vs Autel Km100 7

Xhorse Key Tool Max Vs Autel Km100 8

Xhorse Key Tool Max Vs Autel Km100 9

Xhorse Key Tool Max Vs Autel Km100 10

Xhorse Key Tool Max Vs Autel Km100 11

Xhorse Key Tool Max Vs Autel Km100 12

With Xhorse key tool max we can generate the Super Chips we can clone we can generate. Autel does not.  The XHorse has more keys it can generate.


Autel will generate 868Mhz 902Mhz remotes, xhorse does not.  Autel has 6-button keys. But xhorse has lots of features. Xhorse Keytool so far best and largest support for car models and largest amount for keys.