Xhorse VVDI BE Key Detected to be Invalid?


I had no issue programming none-keyless key Mercedes with Autel IM508 using xhorse VVDI BE key.  Can I program BE key on olders cars 2008 etc?

Below is the Error I got on xhorse proxy keys. current key

Autel Im508 Xhorse Be Key 1

Autel Im508 Xhorse Be Key 2


Make sure you have the latest version and it’s a BE key.

Go expert options key ir read information.

Some user has similar problem. Here is what he did.

Write any other “key file” to this BE key.
At this stage autel will recognize used BE key and will tell You, that it is not blank key and Do you want to re-use? Then click ok and go to next step.



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