Xhorse VAG MQB NEC35XX Key Programming Review

Xhorse MQB48 NEC35XX license & key programming review from an Xhorse expert:”


“Reading the dashboard has a non-zero risk involved due to the way security works on these processors(all tools warn you before reading). Be certain of your soldering and follow the instructions and you should be fine, apparently all the tool suppliers can send you a fixed file to recover dashboards bricked during the read process but hope you don’t end up with that. I’ve done a few now with xhorse and no issues yet.

All the smart key volkswagen products are a bit finicky with the coil and the key position, especially with aftermarket keys. The coil on the Fabia isn’t too bad to get at though, take the steering wheel surround top and bottom cover off and it’s slotted into a recess on the bottom cover.
All the ones I’ve done have been QFP processors and I’ve done the pin lift method. I lift the pin very slightly off the board, then slide some thin plastic underneath it so it sits fairly much where it wants without too much force applied to it, then solder a short length of enameled wire to it, which i tape to the top of the processor, then solder the wires from the tool to that and the PCB. The pin breaks off when you try and lift it way off the board, or have the big wire from the tool hanging off it, by isolating it from the board with plastic but letting it sit where it usually sits + a short jumper wire to the tool wiring that doesn’t move makes it much safer in regards to breaking off the pin.

I prefer lifting the pin to the track cutting method as when I’m finished you can’t tell anything was done.
Pin lift & reading of nec 35xx gives you immo data, sync data needs to be purchased from a third party supplier in case of AKL.”