Xhorse Update VAG MQB48 Add Key & All Keys Lost in 2023

1st in the world. Xhorse VVDI update VAG MQB48 key programming (add key and all keys lost).


The license is ready- MQB license activation.


MQB Add key, All Keys Lost (AKL requires sync data from 3rd party)

Read MQB48 immo data (not by OBD), read NEC35xx cpu cluster
Vehicle List:
VW: Golf7 CC Magotan T-ROC TAYRON Sagitar Bora Lamando Variant Lavida TiguanL Teramont
Audi: A3 Q2 Q3L
Skoda: Octavia, Kodiaq, Superb, Karoq


Device affected:


VVDI Key Tool Plus

if it applies on your vvdi2 only you have to have charged 4-5th and mqb to be able to load MQB2 and in vvdiprog.

Support read immo data for MQB48 type with NEC35xx chip which cannot read by OBD or all keys lost, support add key and all keys lost (need sync data).

only keys but on March 18 at Expo Autotronica xhorse will launch another equipment for both keys and Km.


FAQ VAG MQB License:

Q: Is this still available or stock is limited?

A: It is available now.


Q: Is this like a subscription?

A: Yes, it is.


Q: vvdi2 alone is enough or need vvdi2+vvdi prog?

A: Need vvdi prog to read immo data.


Q: Does this work on US cars?

A: Yes.


Q: Mileage support?

A: No, for Immo keys only.


Q: Will there be a new cable for the cluster?

A: Yes, there will be a new device for both key and km.


Q: Does this work per car or it’s a yearly, monthly, weekly or daily activation.

A: for lifetime activation. It is not limited to a single car.


Q: in MQB, does AKL need to pay the data calculation fee separately?

A: 1. need to disassemble the dashboard to read data by key tool plus or vvdi prog
2. all key lost also need to collect the sync data from third party
3. program keys via obd tool (key tool plus or vvdi2)


Q: Buying this license allows you to do a complete loss of keys to mqb directly from the device?

A: No, AKL require sync data from 3rd party.

Xhorse Mqb Add Key And All Keys Lost


Xhorse Vvdi Mqb48 1 Xhorse Vvdi Mqb48 2 Xhorse Vvdi Mqb48 3 Xhorse Vvdi Mqb48 4 Xhorse Vvdi Mqb48 5

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