Xhorse New Year Promotion: Buy Points Exchange MB Tokens

Xhorse is rolling out 2022 new year promotion.


Buy 2000 Points Send Free 1000 Points to Exchange 15 MB Tokens

Vvd Mb 2000 Points

Buy 1000 Points Send Free 400 Points to Exchange 7 MB Tokens

200 points= 1 token

Vvd Mb 1000 Points

The tokens are for Mercedes Benz online password calculation !!!

No real shipping. Provide VVDI MB or VVDI Key Tool Plus s serial number after payment.


The following conditions are required to enjoy this benefit:

1. You have registered the Xhorse account (better provide screenshot)
2. You should have either VVDI MB or Key Tool Plus programmer
3. You have combined VVDI MB or key tool plus with Xhorse account (better provide screenshot)


How to exchange points to MB tokens?

Login xhorse app

Go to ‘Shop’- ‘Tokens’ to exchange.

Exchange Points To Token

Any questions please contact www.vvdishop.com