Xhorse Multi Prog Read Peugeot DCM3.5 in Boot OK

Xhorse Multi Prog new user feedback:

Today Multiprog saved a car. It was a Peugeot with DCM3.5 ECU. Car was some time ago tuned with Magicmotorsport Flex in OBD mode, then it got modified at another tuner also in OBD mode with Autotuner and it got bricked in the process.

Something to do with Flex applied OBD patch interfering with Autotuner OBD patching. After that it was not possible to read that bricked ECU in boot mode not with Transdata tool not with Flex. Reading stopped after 10%. So they brought that BRICK to me and I connected it to Multiprog in BOOT mode. It read it without problem. Fixed the file and wrote it back. ECU and the car is working again. Another proof where you cannot have enough tools. Where Flex, Autotuner and Transdata failed all together, new Multiprog saved the day.