Xhorse Key Tool Copy ID48 Bind Account Problem Solution

People report xhorse key tools (mini key tool, key tool max, key tool max pro, key tool plus) have issue with id48 cloning. Key tool asks to bind account.
Some error pictures shown below:

Xhorse Key Tool Id48 96bit Copy Error

Xhorse Key Tool Max Id48 Cloning Error

Xhorse Key Tool Plud Id48 Cloning Error


Xhorse has changed the ID48 cloning policy.

1, customer need set up xhorse phone number account
2 , customer need to bind his device (keytool, mini keytool, key tool max, keytool max pro, key tool plus) under his xhorse account
3 , customer need to log in his account on Xhorse APP for use id48 clone service
Note : Customer can not use id48 clone service if the xhorse account is not the one which binds with the device.
You need to register device and link to your account if not wont work plus you also need credit or tokens for id 48 calculations.