Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Not Decode B119 Correctly Solution


My friend has problems with the Xhorse dolphin xp005 key cutting machine. It’s not cutting b119 keys correctly. They look identical but only turn on door and not ignition.

Xhorse Dolphin B119 Key Blank

Here are possible solutions:

1. Do a recalibrating.  Recalibration should handle it,

Go into the app and calibrate it. Just did a couple b119 keys and it’s doing fine. Usually calibrate Dolphin once a month to stay on the safe side.


2. Make sure the original key if decoding from it with the machine that the key blade is clean of any dirt or debris this can cause a issue with improper read which results in only working one lock and not another.


3. Try universal duplication.


4. Upgrade to m5 clamp.

Xhorse M5 Clamp
User Feedback:
Did recalibration. No luck. Change M5 clamp and M5 clamp worked.