Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Failed to Decode GM B106 Key Solution?


Anyone have problems with your machine decoding B106 key blank or any gm keys including old gm single side cut.? I can’t get my Triton or Xhorse Dolphin XP005 to decode them accurately? If I cut by code they work every time just won’t decode them. Any solution?

Gm B106 Key Blank

Possible solutions:

1. When can’t get Xhorse dolphin to decode something use the universal duplicator function to cut a key.

2. If the tip is worn they will read improper. You eyeball them and put it in fill to verify that it’s a good code.

3. Sight read. Decode with your eyes.

4. Get good at eyeballing the cuts on the key. B106 is easy. If the cut goes below the milling groove, then it’s a 5. if its at the milling groove, but doesn’t cut into it, it’s a 4. The rest you can figure out by how high or low they are relative to each other. You’re only really sight-reading 3 different depths at that point. Hold a blank key behind the worn out key if it helps you. If that still doesn’t help, buy a Lishi and decode the door lock to figure out over half of the cuts and sight-read the rest off of the blade. Use cuts-to-code software if you want to verify a valid cut combination.
If all of that fails, get the ignition to turn over once more. Usually the worn key just needs to be pulled out a tad, because the tip is worn down and give it the ol’ GM jiggle. Then pull the ignition and read the code or read the wafers inside.